Condor 16 + Housing

From another HAM Operator i received an Condor 16 in the original “PTT Telecom” housing as used in the Netherlands for a long time. THe set was pre-programmed by PA0RPA and starts up at the frequency of the “Bergen op Zoom” Repeater PI3BOZ. It holds so many features with the custom rom which was installed, i actually already forgot some of the features.

Since the Condor type transceivers where used in the Netherlands as a mobilofoon or “RadioTelephone” it can be pre-programmed with a 5 number identifier which can be used to page a specific user. PA0RPA is putting a lot of effort in connecting HAM’s together and making sure they are able to find each other.

The Condor 16 has about 9Watts of output power, which is enough to work with the repeater in Bergen op Zoom locally. I tried reaching the repeater from my hometown but unfortunately failed to reach the repeater. One of the main reasons however was, not having an outside antenna right now.