HamNET – a nice project for the late evenings.

Recently i started experimenting with HamNET and what i could do with it. When first contacting PE1CHL about a HamNET subnet the ball started rolling. Multiple emails were sent, informations was exchanged and in the end it worked! You might even see this website via the HamNET link i currently have.

I guess i have spend multiple evenings on HamNET and how i could connect to it, route the traffic en mostly what i was going to do with it. In the end i just decided to write a nice article about it, which you can find here. In this article i will tell what HamNET is, what is does and how i got it to work, with some challenges i faced.

If you’re in for a nice read about tech stuff go ahead!


I’m a HAM operator!

On the 2nd of March i tried to pass my exam for Ham Operator Full and Novice class. Unfortunately i failed my Full exam. In the afternoon i went in the room again for the Novice exam. Even though i was a bit disappointed because of my recent failure i passed my Novice exam successfully.

A normal HAM Operator would be very happy and immediately run the the Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands however i had already decided i wanted to get the callsign PB0FH. Since you are not allowed to register an PB prefixed callsign i had to do it again.

Last 27nd of May I headed to Rotterdam to give the Full Exam another try. This time, even though it was a very hard exam with lots of electronics included I had passed the exam with the max errors you are allowed to have. This is not something to be very proud of. On the other had.. i had passed! Yay!

I am now currently waiting for the official letter of the Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands. ( and yes, i’m very impatiently refreshing their website to see if I am allowed to register my callsign.

I will keep you posted on the process of getting an official callsign. For now i’m really waiting for the official registration to be confirmed. I cant wait to start using my Baofeng UV-5R transceiver. In the weeks following i will start filling this website with my experience and information.