Diamond X Antenna’s

Yes you read it right, i have more than one Diamond antenna, and i decided not to create seperate pages for each one of them.

To start with the Diamond X-30N, a nice and portable 2m/70cm dual band antenna. It’s an omnidiversional antenna. Nothing strange about it. With a size of about 1,3 Mtr. its portable and has a nice clamp for attaching it to pipes or flagpole’s.

  • At 2Mtr there is 3.0dB Antenna gain
  • At 70cm there is 5.5dB Antenna gain
  • Max Power is 150Watts
  • Max airspeed is 210Km/H

At a price of around 50 euros its affordable and it just works.

I also have a Diamond X-50N which i purchased together with some other stuff. The main difference between the X-30N and the X-50N antenna are to be found in the specs. The antenna is a bit longer, with about 1,7Mtr its a bit harder to move around, making it less easy for mobile usage.

  • At 2Mtr there is 4,5dB Antenna gain.
  • At 70cm there is 7,2 dB Antenna gain.
  • Max power is 200Watts
  • Max airspeed is 210Km/H


Since the X-30N and the X-50N only differ in length, i just post a picture of the X-50N antenna.