CHIRP – transceiver programming made simple.

Why looking for another programmer package ?

With the purchase of my first transceiver, a Baofeng UV5-Ra i immediately ordered a programmer cable. Not only because the software menu’s of my transceiver are terrible but mostly because i’m a computer geek. I thought it would be awesome to program my transceiver using some commands on the computer.

The Baofeng company tried to make their own software for programming their products. This software, well.. lets put it nicely, is not the best software ever made. After some crashes, faulty programming and other limitations i searched for an alternative.


Not very long after i got searching, i found out the existence of CHIRP, CHIRP is a very easy to use, very compatible and sturdy programming suite for all sort of transceivers. The program just works. It is not the most pretty software in history, but hey.. it just works! no hassle. Just enter the type of transceiver you have, make sure you use the right cable for the job a couple of clicks and… there’s audio coming out of the speaker of your transceiver.

If i ever find the time to take a deep dive in the software and make a nice report, i will definitely post it online. Until that time, please remember;

If you have an Baofeng, Icom, Kenwood, Woucon or Yaesu device and are stuck in the programming software, you’ve got to try CHIRP. It’s a one size fits all tool!

CHIRP Download Page